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The bot threat –

Today enterprise networks can be attacked in a number of ways. None are more daunting than the Internet robot or simply, the bot. Bots are malicious code programs that are automated to infect a computer network. They can strike in so many different ways that traditional network security is often ineffective in blocking their destructive payloads. Bot infection methods include the downloading of a virus-infected program, infection via a worm, or more sophisticated methods such as a “drive-by” infection, in which users can self-inflict their systems by simply visiting a website. Since bots are self-propagating, they spread exponentially because each bot, in turn, attempts to infect and compromise more systems. As the collection of infected systems grows, it forms a network of bots, or a botnet.

How a botnet works –

Botnets are controlled by a master who has remote access and control of all the bots in a botnet. The botnet controller creates a command and control (C&C) site or uses Internet Relay Chat, an instant messaging protocol to issue commands to the bots in the net.


You can download the complete version of HP white paper here