As a responsible company, ACME has a genuine concern for the environment. We believe that embracing green practices and technologies is not only a corporate social responsibility, but also a practice that makes good business sense.

Unified communication technology provides a practical alternative for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint through decreased travel and telework programs. It can alos provide the advantage of quicker responses and higher productivity.


ACME is committed to making environmental responsibility an integral part of its own corporate culture and strives to continually reduce the Company’s overall environmental impact through company-wide green programs and policies

  • We seek to comply with all applicable environmental legislation, standards and regulations.
  • We avoid, reduce or control environmental pollution arising from our activities.
  • We seek to continually improve the efficient use of energy and other natural resources.
  • We raise environmental awareness among staff.
  • We ensure good management practices by reviewing them regularly and ensure that they are tuned to the changing internal and external circumstances.