ACME provides cost-effective Managed Equipment Services with regional CPE, technical service and out-tasking solutions. We offer single supplier and single project management to network service and IT support service. This service integrates with our 24/ 7, all year-round Network Operation & Management Centre Hotline.


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Key Benefits to Your Business:
  • Single supplier & contact
  • Single project manager for network service & IT support service
  • Strong global deployment experience
  • 7 x 24 service hotline provided by ACME Operation Centre
  • Centralized billing & cost control
  • Flexible pricing options

To ensure a long-term viability and quality of services, stable management and simplified administration are very important. The appointed project manager and deputy shall have the responsibility and authority for the overall progress of the work and to whom all questions regarding the contract can be referred.

They are senior staffs in ACME with direct access to top management and are capable of monitoring and deploying the necessary resources within ACME and carry out all tasks as specified in this contract, will supervise the services as a whole and can reasonably be contacted during normal office hours.