Hong Kong is a vital centre for international finance and trade in the Asia-Pacific region and is home to many regional offices and headquarters of global corporations. The HKSAR Government is committed to fostering Hong Kong as the prime location for data centres in Asia Pacific. This is in line with the vision set out in the Digital 21 Strategy in developing Hong Kong into a hub for technological cooperation and trade.


Why choose Hong Kong and why choose us?


Robust Telecommunications Infrastructure Connectivity

Currently, nine submarine cable systems, 17 overland cable systems and eight satellites support Hong Kong telecommunications network. Two new submarine cable systems will be landed in Hong Kong from 2012 to 2013. We operate our data centres in fully liberalised regime (carrier neutral manner). And our connectivity is fully benefited by multi-carrier to ensure the highest usability.



The reliability level of Hong Kong electricity power supply is supreme, which currently exceeds 99.999%. Over the past few years, the average duration of unplanned power interruptions per year per customer in Hong Kong was 2.6 minutes or less. All our operating data centre facilities are designed in at least N+1 these include multiple UPS systems and CARC systems to maintain the best environment for any critical and non-stop system.


Proximity to the Mainland of China

Under the Twelve Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People’s Republic of China promulgated in March 2011, an important thrust is to uplift China’s overall ICT development, in particular in cloud computing, e-business, Internet of Things and logistics. The plan also emphasises the internationalisation of China’s service industries, including the information industry.

Unlike other local or international brand, our group has obtained not only Hong Kong ISP License but the China ISP License which enables us to operate China ISP services.


Free Flow of Information

In Hong Kong, there is free flow of information with no censorship of content and adequate protection of data privacy. These are critical to support global data centre operations. We have NEVER censored content in Hong Kong and there are no laws that allow the Hong Kong Government to do so.


Protection of Data Privacy

In Hong Kong the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, which has been in force since 1996, provides the legislative framework for the protection of personal data in terms of collection, use and transfer.


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