Agility @ Work – New Ways of working

Fifty years ago computers were absent from office life… In 50 years time things will be much the same. There will be no machines on our desktops. – Financial times

Roadwarrior VPN solution

ACME can provide a full solution for creating a virtual office to any remote worker.

There are three ways to connect to the centralised office to share the collaboration resource including Private branch exchange (PBX) and software applications such as ERM/CRM.

Connect via SSL VPN

Login to special website and enter your username and password to create a private SSL tunnel to the network (Suitable for mobile device such as smartphone, laptop etc.)

Connect using PPTP VPN

Doing simple setup in standard O/S such as Microsoft Windows / Mac OS to create a private PPTP tunnel to the network (Suitable for most laptop)

Connect via IPSEC VPN

Install set-top-box alike device in remote office to create a private IPSEC tunnel to the network (Suitable for remote branch with number of users)

Once connected with either method, user will be granted access to the private network which will allow connecting to centralised office via SSH, terminal services, or other server control type applications. Each user must have the appropriate VPN access type enabled to connect different shared resources.


Unwire your office

The Wireless Hotspot Gateway is one of the key elements in your wireless network. We carry the tools to help you authorize, authenticate, and account for wireless internet access to your system. Our Wireless Hotspot Gateways keep your wireless network secure, while offering easy access, simple set-up, and low maintenance.


Cisco Wireless Services
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Juniper Nonstop Wireless Solution
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Wi-Fi 802.11n Certification
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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

As our close partner Juniper Network stated in their Blog “The Game Changers – The “Bring Your Own Device” Effect (BYOD)”, The BYOD is rapidly becoming big nightmare for CIO and IT departments all over the world. In most cases, businesses simply can’t block the trend.

ACME can offer a solution that cover the policy enforcement, remote monitoring, locate, backup or SWIPE lost devices.


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