Our affiliate expansion over the years has given us the ability to better respond to our customers needs, bringing increased convenience and versatility. From sales and marketing to research and development, every part of our company is dedicated to being successful.


Connet Inc. is a leading provider of managed network and managed security services (MSS) to corporate customers. We operate advanced networks with unmatched breadth across Greater China and United States.


20410 Century Blvd. STE 220, Germantown, MD 20874

Tel: +1 301 515 1151

Fax: +1 301 244 6644

Los Angeles

One Wilshire Bldg., 624 South Grand Ave. STE 302, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Tel: +1 408 480 3606

Fax: +1 408 850 1613

24×7 customer service and technical support:

US +1 866 332 5366

Out of US +1 410 494 3623

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IDCSEA 海洋科技在全球五大洲30多個國家和地區擁有獨立的機櫃或資料中心,有上千台伺服器遍布全球各地,通過海洋科技自主研發的智慧型網路系統組成全球化的電子商務智慧應用平台,用戶無需建造或部署基礎設施,即可無縫使用海洋科技的電子商務智慧應用平台進行全球網路服務,實現了”同一個世界,同一個主機”的願景。

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SSCS was established in 1989 as the first Intergraph Support Organization in the UK. Such was the demand for SSCS’s services that the company’s activities and areas of expertise soon expanded to envelop all of the major UNIX platforms, Hewlett-Packard, SUN, Fujitsu-Siemens, IBM, & SGI. Specialist support for DEC equipment was also offered in those earlier days. SSCS printer and plotter services business also increased at the same time, and to this day SSCS continue to provide engineering support across most well known print product ranges.

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The ZONE Group is wholly-owned by e-KONG Group Limited (www.e-kong.com), which is listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE: 524). ZONE also provides comprehensive features and tools to efficiently manage IDD and long-distance administration and accounting procedures for companies with multiple accounts.

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