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Use PRTG to Monitor Your Applications and Services!


Use PRTG to Monitor Your
Applications and Services!


Dear Sir or Madam,

PRTG Network Monitor is the first choice for more than 150,000 network administrators at organizations from small businesses through the Fortune 100 around the world.

PRTG does more than providing easy, fail-safe and complete control over your network. Being a versatile solution, PRTG also monitors your application servers and services as a whole.

PRTG Network Monitor comes with pre-configured sensors for applications and services such as

and others.

Why don’t you use PRTG as one central point of information for all of your major applications, too? PRTG will give you an overview of your entire network, including devices and direct infrastructure. Additionally you will get the status of your application servers and the performance statistics of these. Whenever a service is not reachable, or thresholds are breached, you will be alerted immediately. And if you do not hear anything from PRTG, no news is good news and the network should be running perfectly 🙂

Try it for yourself and get the free, 30-days test version now. You will have it up and running in less than 5 minutes.

try prtg for free

Stefan, Software Developer at Paessler

As always, I am available to assist with any questions you may have before starting.

ACME Communications

PS: Fancy a bit of technical information first? No problem, just ask me.