1), Network Operation Management (NOM)

Leverage on ACME 7×24 Operation and Security operation center to provide service, usually support by ticket system, email, telephone and remote. Not include onsite supports.

  • Real-time performance monitoring, alerting and troubleshooting
  • Availability monitoring and reporting
  • Historical trend reporting and capacity planning
  • Manage, negotiate, discuss and centrally control network configuration changes across multi-vendor networks
  • Troubleshoot network issues with immediate visibility into the cause-and-effect relationship
  • between configuration management errors and network performance
  • Detect configuration policy violations
  • Schedule automated backups of all device configurations
  • Simultaneously modify / suggest configurations change community strings, update ACLs, and block MAC addresses across many devices
  • Update and Upgrade the firmware
  • Configuration and optimization

2), Technical Supports (Yearly)

Leverage on ACME professional support teams to provide advanced support including field onsite supports.

2a), Gold Supports

Reponses time: Same day or 4 hours (Depending on the final contract terms)

Support Mechanism: Ticket system, Telephone, Email, Remote & Meeting

Onsite: Included onsite support and swapping


2b), Silver Supports

Reponses time: Next Business Day within Business hour (unless special terms listed on the contract)

Support Mechanism: Ticket system, Telephone, Email, Remote & Meeting

Onsite: Included onsite support and swapping


2c), Copper Supports

Reponses time: Next Business Day within Business hour (unless special terms listed on the contract)

Support Mechanism: Ticket system, Telephone, Email, Remote & Meeting

Onsite: Not included onsite support and swapping


Support task (Gold, Silver and Copper)
Tel and Email Support 24x7x52




Depending on the final contract terms

Remote Support 8×5 on NBD
Onsite Support Yes
Non-office hour Tel. Support No
Non-Office Hour Onsite Support No
Service Response Time (HK) NBD
Service Response Time (China GZ) N/A
Patch or Version Upgrade Yes
Hardware Support Yes
hardware Advance Replacement No onsite swapping
Annual review Meeting Yes
Site Activity Log Yes
Support Service Area HK


3), Ad-hoc Call out

For any Non-contracted, non-scheduled, cold-call, sudden require supports by phone, email, remote or onsite.
Best efforts to support
No response or onsite guarantee depending on ACME actual resource allocation.
No consultation or pre-onsite supports
No service quality and control
No after-sales service including report, backup and recovery
No parts, software or tools supports or further supports such as stock keeping or customs declaration

General support terms for NOM and Technical (Gold, Silver & Copper) Support (Yearly):

  1. Usually is bundle package offer with another hardware or software
  2. Service is not include hardware support or maintenance
  3. Service is not include software or software subscription Renewal
  4. ACME is unable to solve factory bugs or inter-compatible problem
  5. Customer needs to provide valid vendor contact information
  6. Customer needs to provide valid login and access information. Simple assistance and remote hand supports
  7. ACME will not responsible for any backup, recovery or operational problem
  8. Service is not include PC / End user supports
  9. Additional supports detail for monitoring, reporting, remote, onsite support or over-time supports will list at the contract
  10. Escalation contact will list at the contract
  11. Service delivery and fulfillment quality is depending on the information completeness, problem complexity, customer / vendor supports and the actual ACME resource.
  12. The support activities shall be governed by the law of the Government of the HKSAR and Republic of China
  13. Terms and agreements have to be under (Remark 1) Force Majeure and Fair Use Policy (Remark 2)

  (Remark 1) Force Majeure:                                          

“Any event or circumstance beyond control shall be regarded as Force Majeure but not restricted to fire, wind, flood, earthquake, explosion, rebellion, epidemic, quarantine and segregation. In case either party that encounters Force Majeure fails to fulfill the obligation under the contract, the other party should extend the performance time by period equal to the time that Force Majeure will last. The following are three basic categories of these kinds of events: Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tornados, and fires Human events, such as wars, riots, or other major upheavals Performance failures outside the control of the contracting party, such as disruptions in telephone service attributable to the telephone company; labor disputes other than those of the contractual parties; government restrictions (denial or cancellation of a necessary license); or supplier problems (product unavailable)”  

(Remark 2) Fair Use Policy:                                          

“While ACME is devoted to providing a wide spectrum of telecommunications and IT Support services on a fixed fee charging mechanism or ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis in the market, it is ACME’s reasonable expectation that our users will not abuse, misuse, exhaust, waste or otherwise take unfair advantage of our telecommunications or IT support services to the detriment of other users or ACME. This Fair Use Policy is intended to ensure that all users will be given a fair opportunity to access our telecommunications and IT support services without abusing ACME’s network, system and labor resources or interfering other users’ enjoyment. If any user has breached any of the above restrictions, or ACME is of the opinion that the manner which an user uses such services will unfairly deprive other users’ opportunities of enjoyment or otherwise adversely affect ACME’s interests, ACME may, with or without notice to such users, take any or all of the following remedial actions: Suspend, disconnect, restrict, reasonable limit, terminate and charge a particular service at ACME’s prevailing service rates and it is without liability to ACME. In case of dispute relating to this Fair Use Policy, right of interpretation vests in ACME absolutely whose decision shall be final and binding.”